I know what you are thinking it has been months since I updated this blog.  Well I have been busy with work, training for a marathon, and vlogging.  Yes that is right a marathon!  I gave it some thought in the early summer and decided to take a stab at it as I felt I was ready and prepared for the training.  Oh yeah and I documented the entire thing on youtube!

All 18 weeks of the training went fairly well considering it was in the middle of the hot and humid summer.  I started out slow with 15 weekly miles and got as high as 40 in a week with my longest run consisting of 20 map my run miles.  Overall I felt great going into race day and was ready to run my first marathon.

Race day started out foggy with lows in the mid 50’s which hovered around the low 60’s and continued to be cloudy for the entire race.  Perfect race weather in my book!  The beginning of the race was a familiar course that I ran previously at the 10k and the Rock and Roll Half.  I started out with a slower pace in order to have some gas in the tank towards the end since I have never ran farther than 20 miles.  I did not have the same rush as I did during my half marathon run but I will still full of confidence and on track to finish with my sub 5 hour goal.

As the race went out the hills got bigger.  With that I decided to take it easy and before you know it my sub 5 hour goal officially ended as I passed the half way gun clock at 2 hours and 30 minutes.  I was fine with it and continued to truck along the greenway with camera in hand.  Just after the turnaround going back towards downtown Raleigh was a probably the hardest I have ever pushed myself during a run.  I started to get cramps in my left leg just as I passed mile 21 and walked up some of the biggest hills I have ever faced.  After what felt like climbing a mountain I made it back on the open road and was greeted by my family as I was ready to cross the finish line and become a marathoner.  This was truly a challenge and as crazy as it sounds I loved every minute of it!

If you are a experienced runner and looking for a challenge the Raleigh City of Oaks is a race for you.  If you are a newbie like myself be sure to mentally prepare and train as this course can be a challenge for a rookie marathon runner.  If you have not clicked the youtube link yet go ahead and watch all 26.2 miles!

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