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My name is Anthony and thank you for visiting RunDrinkEat.  Over the next few weeks, months, and years I plan on sharing my running experience, favorite drinks, and best of all food!  With this site my plan is to motivate others that want to get active after years of being lazy.  If I only reach one person and it makes a difference then it is a success, if not then hey at least I have a good log of my running activity!  First let me get into a little about my background and then go into how the idea of rundrinkeat.com started.

Born and raised in Central New Jersey I was very active during my childhood.  Early morning to dinner time I was always outside playing.  You would only find me in the house when it was raining and I would still annoy my parents to let me go outside and play.  For those that were young in the 80’s/early 90’s did not grow up with internet, iPads, or other really cool internet based technical devices, so for me rainy days consisted of sorting through baseball cards, watching the Yankees, or playing Ken Griffey Jr baseball on Nintendo with a 13 inch tv that weighed 100lbs.

As my teenage years went on the activity faded.  I started working at the age of 15 and my only real activity was High School gym class.  Now this is where the running comes into play!  I was not on the track team or cross country, but my running memory in High School was our timed mile.  It was kind of a competition between a few of my classmates to see who could run the fastest.  I would always be able to pull a high 6 to low 7 minute mile finishing first or second while the rest of the class would run/jog/walk.  The final person would finished 10 minutes later only due to the gym teacher yelling to complete the 4th lap.

Now let’s fast forward another 15 years so I do not bore you with my retail management days.  At this point in my life all types of fitness ended years ago unless saying how I could fit this entire 18 inch pizza pie in my belly!  Oh how I miss New Jersey pizza.  Now that I am in North Carolina I find my love for food greater than it ever was.  I am not saying the food is bad here I just miss my favorite NJ restaurants.

Married with two young children and working 50 hours a week makes it difficult at the end of each day/week to get any type of physical activity in but I finally learned how to make time and have energy to workout.  Don’t tell anyone this secret okay…. Just set goals and having a phone or watch to track your runs.  Visually seeing all the accomplishments helps!

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How did you get started?  Comment below and share your first running experience!