Under Armour- You vs The Year #YVSTY

So what is YVSTY?  It stands for YOU VS THE YEAR and it can be found in the challenge section of or in the iOS or Android app store.  The challenge was to run 1000km in one year, so with a July start I was well behind.  After doing some research I came across the Facebook group for YVSTY and found myself checking in daily and really getting motivated to reach the unthinkable 1000k with a 7 month late start.  I  tried my best and ended up running 56.7 miles in September which lead me to sign up for the City of Oaks 10k in Raleigh that would take place in November.  I spent a good part of October getting ready and finished the month with 75 miles.  Think about it I went from 0 to 127 miles from July 18th to October 31st.  Not bad for someone that has not ran in almost 20 years and I owe it to the group for getting me there.

Since joining this group back on 8/31/16 it has motivated me to do things I once thought of when I was younger.  Living in Jersey at the time it was normal for me to catch the NYC Marathon on TV.  I thought WOW how could someone run that far?  In my mind, I would map out the distance in NJ turnpike exits from my old house in Edison to Giants Stadium.  As a child especially in Jersey traffic it brings out a lot of  ”ARE WE THERE YET?” I knew it was far but one day I will do it.  As I got older the thought faded but with the YVSTY year group support and dedication to motivate each other I am back at pursuing that dream.

Oh and for those wondering if I made it to the 1000k by 12/31/16…. are you kidding me??? I would have had to run 10k a day!  My mind said yes but my body said not yet.



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