The First Run

July 18, 2016 which was just 2 weeks shy of coming home from the hospital we decided to start running.  My wife and two boys went to our local high school track and we went for a run.  I download the Under Armour mapmyrun app just to see how fast I was going, once I started the app I decided to try my best to run as fast as I could like it was 1998.  Well 11 minutes and 14 seconds later in 90 degree heat my new run-anniversey was born.  It felt great to get back and run on the track, but I was well off my pace from the high school years.  I ending up with 13.8 miles during 9 sweaty runs for July and in August I took it a step further and ran 37.5 miles during 16 runs, and on the final day of the month I found the greatest running challenge and motivational groups. #YVSTY




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