Ending the 2017 Running Year

The year is almost over but I do have one final goal to complete before we ring in 2018.  

Since I completed my first Marathon back on November 5th I have taken an extended break to rest up.  Now that we are nearing the end of December I need to quickly get back into it if I want to finish the UA You vs The Year Challenge of running 1017 km in 2017.  Here is where I currently stand…

Year to Date: 989 KM

KM to 1017: 28 KM

Days left in 2017: 19 days

Translate to Miles: 17.39

Miles per day needed to reach goal: .91

With those stats I should easily be able to finish but with the holidays and a vacation planned I really only have a week left.  Will I do it?  #IWILL



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