Ready for my 1st half!

Currently I am writing this on the eve of my 1st Half Marathon that will take place tomorrow morning at the Rock N Roll Marathon series in Raleigh.  I should be getting ready for bed but of course a late burst of energy kicked in when my head should be hitting the pillow.  I spent the morning cheering on my wife that ran in the 5k event, meeting a few of the YVSTY group members that traveled across the country, followed by paying a visit to my local Under Armour outlet to pick up a new shirt for the big day.

Over the past few months I did my best to follow a half marathon training plan on the mapmyrun app.  Even though I did not follow it 100% I gradually increased my weekly distance and managed to get where I am today, THANK YOU  Sunday long runs.  During my eight week training plan I was able to run 10+ miles on five different occasions.  Those long runs got better and better which lead to the confidence that I will be able to beat my predicted time of 2 hours and 30 mins when I signed up, to around 2 hours and 15 mins on race day.

When I started writing this post I wanted to go into some detail about each run but I really should be getting some rest.  The video above is from my favorite and best long run to date which happened to take place in the snow.  My pace would have been better but those darn horses just make you stop and pause for a moment!





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